XtremeFit App Launches to Help Fitness Enthusiasts Build Progress Timelines with Nutritionists and Trainers

To support an effective workout schedule with the expertise of a personal trainer the XtremeFit app launches to bring the wide world of fitness and nutrition to the palm of a user’s hand.

Schaumburg, IL - August 6, 2014 - Software development company Ernzo.com announces the launch of their latest Android app, XtremeFit. A link to specialists worldwide, the app acts like a consulting service for the fitness enthusiast. Focusing its attention on bodybuilders and users who want accountability to stay in shape, the app offers a front row seat for weight loss and specialized training.

The newly launched XtremeFit app offers strategic coaching for fitness, bodybuilding and nutrition via a smartphone or web. Ernest Laurentin, founder of Ernzo.com said of the XtremeFit launch, “We’ve designed a way for people to stay connected to a finely-honed fitness, bodybuilding, and diet plan via a worldwide database of certified personal trainers and nutritionists. These specialists give personalized guidance and recommendations either in one-on-one sessions or, if it’s simpler, XtremeFit users can participate online. There’s also group activities available. It’s a conveniently flawless way to stay in shape.”

To further implement strategic coaching plans XtremeFit logs workouts. The workout log acts as a timeline to track progress for follow-up with personal trainers. XtremeFit is also a portal to detailed instruction with access to over 200 exercise and bodybuilding videos. Customized programs include the ability to share a workout log with a partner or friend, track weight loss with a BMI calculator, focus on specific muscle groups, receive cardio recommendations and get tutorials for gym equipment usage.

About XtremeFit:

XtremeFit365.com is a fitness app designed by Ernzo.com to support the user’s workout regime. XtremeFit is a low-cost user-customized approach to fitness priced at $9.99 per year or $1 per month. The app is currently available in Google Play Store and will launch in iOS at the end of 2014.