About Us

“I’ve been there.  I thought I could become an elite bodybuilder on my own.  Eventually, my life took a different turn but the experiences gained, the self-awareness of my capabilities and the drive to succeed will stay with me forever. I used these experiences to create XtremeFit because I truly believe that those who just workout by themselves are not getting 100% of what they need.  My goal is to provide a service where people can easily find personal trainers and/or workout partners to increase their chances to succeed.”  Ernest Laurentin, founder of XtremeFit365.

It’s pretty simple really.  XtremeFit is an online personal trainer consulting service that cares about your ongoing fitness needs no matter where you are in the world, 24/7. 

And it isn’t just for the elite.  XtremeFit has made it affordably available for everyone.

You may be saying, “Yes but, I can workout on my own at home.”  That’s true, to a point.  But you need to ask yourself, are you getting the best out with each and every single workout? Could you increase your gains with the help of the PROS?

We know from personal experience that working out with a partner who shares your enthusiasm is a plus.  But what most people don’t fully understand is that working out with a personal trainer ups that ante entirely.  Why? Because it increases your chances of losing weight and building muscle effectively every single time, without fail.

What if you had easy access to the pros affordably?

XtremeFit is that access.  It was developed as a website tool with a corresponding app that can offer you personal trainers and nutritionists in real-time, no matter where you are in the world.  Pretty amazing right? You’ll never be in the dark again about your fitness goals.

XtremeFit offers you the following…

• The ability to track your workouts, your weight loss, and your nutrition regardless of your workout level.

• Access to a database of bodybuilders, certified personal trainers and nutritionists who will help you with direction to meet your fitness objectives.

• Interactive tools for personal trainers and nutritionists to analyze and give you customized guidance for your fitness goals.

• A community of likeminded fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and those on the weight loss track.  The online community gives you a way to find workout partners and share your experiences in an interactive setting.

Join us! Enjoy getting into the best shape of your life!